Heavy Snowfall Opens North American Resorts Early

A number of American and Canadian ski resorts have opened ahead of schedule following huge early season snowfalls last week and the promise of more dustings in the days to come.

Top 5 Resorts for Snowboarders in France



More British skiers and snowboarders head to France every season than anywhere else, and it’s not hard to see why, with the French Alps offering such a variety of resorts compared to other snow-blessed countries. When it comes to the best places for snowboarders however, not every French resort is created equal. With that in mind, here are our top 5 resorts for snowboarders across the French Alps.


The Jandri Run: Les Deux Alpes Finally Offers an Easy Way Home


Being a glacial resort, the easier slopes at Les Deux Alpes are a lot higher up than most ski resorts, which has the advantage of offering beginners better views and better snow conditions, particularly at the start and end of the season.


Early Snowfall opens Ski Resorts across the Alps



October and November are exciting times in the ski calendar, with the first dustings of winter snow falling in high-altitude resorts across Europe. At time of going to press, thirteen glacier ski areas are open for business throughout the European Alps! With the official start of the 2015/16 ski season looming ever closer, it’s time for a run-down of the resorts enjoying the heaviest snowfall so far.

Last Minute Ski Deal of the Week: Chalet Rousell, Val d'Isere


If you’re looking for a cheeky early-season dash to the mountains, give a little thought to the stylish chalet Rousell in Val d'Isère. If you leave on 5th December you can get eight nights in this superb ski property for just £619 per person!


Five Resorts for Early Season Skiing in Europe

Who can wait for February, right?  Here are our top 5 resort picks for those looking to hit the slopes – and beat the crowds – in November and December.

Best Last Minute Ski Deals for December 2015


Best Last Minute Ski Deals for Christmas 2015


While others may not be quite ready to think about Christmas yet, those fortunate enough to bag a deal on a Christmas 2015 ski holiday will surely be singing about it from the rooftops. Because, as those who have ever spent the festive period in a ski resort will testify, there are few things more exciting that leaving the UK behind for a fun-filled Christmas in the snow.

Bikini Clad Crowds Brave Siberian Slopes

If I had to ask you what world records you thought should be broken on the ski slopes, the one answer I doubt anyone would come up with is the record for number of skiers in Bikinis. If I told you this is not the first time there has been a veritable avalanche of mostly naked bodies descending down one of Siberia’s ski hills, you’d be even more surprised.

Skiing in May: What, Where and Why?

Cheap. Quiet. Sunny. That’s what you’ll get if you find yourself on a ski holiday in May this year. While many ski resorts start winding down by the end of March and most are firmly closed for business by mid-April, there are a few snow-sure destinations that remain open well into May (and beyond).

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