6 Ski Resorts for Guaranteed Snow

Despite news reports suggesting otherwise, it’s perfectly normal for most ski resorts to see very little snow at the beginning and end of the winter season. (Stands to reason really, doesn’t it?) There are some ski resorts however, where you can pretty much guarantee the white fluffy stuff no matter when in the season you decide to head out to the mountains.

5 Ways to Find a Cheap Ski Holiday

The words “cheap” and “ski holiday” are rarely – if ever – seen together in the same sentence, and that’s because ski holidays aren’t exactly renowned for their budget-friendly qualities.

Skiing with Heroes

“After the guns have fallen silent, and the din of battle quietened, the real fight begins”.
HRH Prince Henry of Wales

Top Apres in the Alps

Aside from all the snow, sunshine and skiing, no one can deny that one of the biggest draws for powder hunters every season is the heady heights and electric atmosphere of après-ski.
Kicking off around 3pm every day, after an invigorating and exhilarating schussing of the slopes, après-ski will find skiers and boarders alike congregating en masse to down Jäger and dance on the tables.

Autumn Snow Dumps Open Lifts Across the Alps


Last-minute skiing is what we do best here at Last Minute Ski Deals – the clue’s in the name, really. We get our kicks from watching the market, reacting to demand and offering out last-minute ski seekers the best holiday deals in the resorts they’re interested in.

Among the many advantages of last-minute ski booking is the ability to watch the weather and head to where the fallen snow is freshest, and at the moment there’s a surprising amount of it about!

What to Look at First When Buying a Snowboard Jacket (Hint: It’s Not Brand)

If you’re anything like the snowboarders in the Last Minute Ski Deals office, as a beginner (or as an intermediate attempting your first tricks and jumps) you’ll likely spend more time face down in the snow than actually standing up on your board. This means the right waterproof outerwear is essential.

Top 5 iPhone and Android Apps for Your Ski Holiday

A ski or snowboarding holiday just isn't what it used to be. We don't mean that in a negative way either - on the contrary; all sorts of new-fangled technological advancements have made planning, recording and sharing your ski holiday a lot more interactive, fun and ultimately safer than even half a decade ago.

How to Get Fit for Your Ski Holiday: A Guide for the Unfit and Unfazed

Did you know that it’s widely recommended for anybody about to embark on a ski holiday to do at least 40 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week for a minimum of three months beforehand?

Happy Birthday Harry!

Monday the 15th of September marked the 30th birthday of our beloved cheeky prince and this weekend he’s set to celebrate in style with a St Mortiz-themed birthday party.

Pre Season Film Screenings

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll have been counting down the days to the beginning of the season since the end of the last one. Two hundred days of ski abstinence has us itching to get back on the slopes as soon as we hear the words ‘first snow fall’. So now summer has come to its end and we can well and truly begin the winter countdown; what better way to fast forward that ticking clock and get into the winter spirit than with news of the upcoming pre season film screenings set to hit the capital.