What to Look at First When Buying a Snowboard Jacket (Hint: It’s Not Brand)

If you’re anything like the snowboarders in the Last Minute Ski Deals office, as a beginner (or as an intermediate attempting your first tricks and jumps) you’ll likely spend more time face down in the snow than actually standing up on your board. This means the right waterproof outerwear is essential.

Top 5 iPhone and Android Apps for Your Ski Holiday

A ski or snowboarding holiday just isn't what it used to be. We don't mean that in a negative way either - on the contrary; all sorts of new-fangled technological advancements have made planning, recording and sharing your ski holiday a lot more interactive, fun and ultimately safer than even half a decade ago.

How to Get Fit for Your Ski Holiday: A Guide for the Unfit and Unfazed

Did you know that it’s widely recommended for anybody about to embark on a ski holiday to do at least 40 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week for a minimum of three months beforehand?

Happy Birthday Harry!

Monday the 15th of September marked the 30th birthday of our beloved cheeky prince and this weekend he’s set to celebrate in style with a St Mortiz-themed birthday party.

Pre Season Film Screenings

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll have been counting down the days to the beginning of the season since the end of the last one. Two hundred days of ski abstinence has us itching to get back on the slopes as soon as we hear the words ‘first snow fall’. So now summer has come to its end and we can well and truly begin the winter countdown; what better way to fast forward that ticking clock and get into the winter spirit than with news of the upcoming pre season film screenings set to hit the capital.

This Year’s Early Season Ski Deals

If you’re one of those skiers or boarders who itch to get up a mountain the moment the first flake of snow falls, you’ll probably already making full and improper use of your employer’s time by looking for early season ski deals. Before you get fired then, here at Last Minute Ski Deals we’ve pulled together all the tips, tricks and last minute deals so you can be among the first on the slopes this season. (You’re welcome.)

Last Minute Ski Deals, a Heads-Up for Winter 2014/15


With summer turning to autumn and winter looming large in the distance, skiers across the land are switching their attentions to the slopes. Many big groups hoping for sole use of a chalet over peak dates like Christmas are already booked up into their first-choice property, their fingers now crossed for another bumper start to the season.

Seasonnaire Essentials: How to Pack Like a Champ

Packing for a four or five month season is, unsurprisingly, pretty different to packing for a standard one or two week holiday. I still don’t see how airlines think it reasonable to allocate the same 23kg to holidayers and seasonnaires alike (do they know how many PG Tips you need to get through five months?!).

Lift Passes for £1.00 only!!!

Look out for roaming cattle in Lech next Autumn


The managing director of Austrian resort, Lech has devised a unique way of preparing the ski slopes for the upcoming winter ski season.


Last year, Michael Manhart put 23 Highland cattle out to graze on the slopes of the Austrian ski resort. The idea was to get the cattle to churn the ground over with their hooves and remove the shrubbery to allow the new snow to stick on the slopes better.