Pro Riders Rinse Abandoned Ski Resort



Take a deserted Slovenian ski resort, add a bunch of pro snowboarders, plus a talented camera crew and some helpful funding from the friendly folk at Red Bull, and what have you got?


The perfect winter playground and a lot of great footage, that’s what.

New Hydro-electric Project Planned for Nevis


As each winter season ticks past, it seems more and more ski resorts are turning their attentions to harnessing the power of green energy. It stands to reason, of course, because the threat of global warming is felt pretty keenly by all of us snow-lovers. One of the very latest major developments is taking place not among the soaring peaks of the Alps, but on the snowy slopes of Scotland.


5 Ski Resorts for April Getaways

If you’re considering a dash to the Alps in these final weeks of the ski season, there are 5 resorts you’ll want to look at.

Free Music & Ski Festival Hits Verbier this April

The Swiss resort of Verbier has announced a music and ski festival to close the 2015/16 season with a bang, featuring a line-up of brilliant acts. Best of all, entry is free.

Coming Soon: Skiing With a Jet Engine

Speed freaks, gadget lovers…and lazy skiers, behold! A hand-held, battery-powered jet engine that will shoot you around the mountain is in the works.

The sci-fi-esque ‘Jet Thruster’ was created by UK-based company DreamScience, and it’s doing the rounds on the web thanks to a promo video of Norwegian TV presenter, Pia Rivelsrud, testing the device.

Smart New App for Visitors to Zermatt


The iconic Swiss ski resort of Zermatt is gaining quite a reputation for its advanced use of technology on the slopes. Whether it’s keeping skiers safe from avalanche or guiding visitors around the mountains, Zermatt’s resort authorities seem keen to harness the power of technology for the good of all.


UK’s First Snowsports Music Festival Taking Place Next Month


Final preparations are underway for the launch of the first official snowsports music festival held in a UK ski resort. Groove CairnGorm will be held on 11th and 12th March 2016 in Scotland. Its organisers and hosts are the CairnGorm Mountain resort, with some performances taking place at the Badaguish Outdoor Centre.

This Season’s Hot New Kit: SunGod Ski Goggles

One of our team recently picked up a pair of the new SunGod Revolts, the world’s first fully replaceable ski goggles with completely interchangeable parts. This modern breed of custom eyewear launched earlier this season after one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in the UK to date, and it’s not hard to see why there’s been so much excitement.

Brit Wins Gold in 2016 Youth Winter Olympic Games



When Madi Rowlands won the first GB medal of the 2016 Youth Winter Olympics this week, she made sure it was the gold. The 15-year-old from Kent claimed the top spot in the halfpipe event in this year’s games, which are being held in Lillehammer, Norway.


Pro Skier Shoots Incredible 360-Degree Video Using Just a Phone and Some String




Nevermind selfie sticks, here’s what happened when a pro skier tied string to his phone before swinging it above his head as he sped through powder, pulling off some impressive tricks and jumps along the way.

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