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There is no doubt about it, skiing and snowboarding are dangerous activities which makes it vital to protect yourself with ski insurance in case anything was to happen to you on the slopes. Normal travel insurance doesn’t usually cover winter sports due to the increased risk the activities represent. Ski insurance is designed to give you cover for emergency medical situations and mountain rescue. Below are some reasons why you should purchase winter sports insurance.


One in three people don’t take out insurance when they go skiing and around three per cent of those who do take out insurance have to make a claim. Without insurance if you injure yourself you could find yourself being landed with thousands of pounds in medical and rescue bills. Even a minor injury such as a fall can result in costly medical treatment. Insurance will cover all medicals incurred as a result of injury. It will also give you personal liability insurance which will cover you in the event someone sues you.

Ski Rescue

Being rescued from the slopes can be very expensive, especially if a helicopter is needed. It could be as a result of a storm, damaged equipment, skiing away from the slope or injury but mountain side rescue is more common than you would think.

Equipment Loss

Ski equipment can be very expensive and whether you have your own equipment or are hiring it the loss of equipment can be very frustrating. Should your equipment be damaged or stolen then your ski insurance will cover it, although ‘unattended goods’ may not be covered.

Trip Cancellation or Disruption

If you have to cancel your trip due to a storm or an unexpected event such as an illness or death in the family then the cancellation costs will be covered by your insurance. Similarly if bad weather disrupts your holiday then your insurance will cover the cost of lift passes, ski school fees if you are unable to ski for two or more days.

Delayed Luggage

Whenever I fly I always manage to convince myself that it will be my luggage that won’t turn up at baggage reclaim. Ski insurance will give you some piece of mind and will cover the cost of basic necessities and the cost of renting gear while you wait for yours to turn up.
If you are skiing in the EU it is also advisable to get a EHIC card. It will make sure you are entitled to the same free medical treatment as the local citizens and may reduce your excess for a medical claim.
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